pheliskougra: (fire) house was.

Apparently, all they took after kicking down the back door, was an old, broken DVD player.

Excuse me while I freak out anyway.




*freaks out*
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Update on the last post:

Yesterday morning, the pizza place's owners called me. To apologize for the mess.

It turns out they checked on what happened, and things went down as I had guessed already: when the kitchen messes up, they have to pay half the cost of the messed food. The girl whom I talked with on the phone was afraid of having to pay for the repeated mistakes, and in a panic blurted out that crap about 'eating half the pizza before complaining'.

Not that it makes calling anyone a scammer okay.

We talked on the phone for a half hour or so, while they explained they are having trouble with finding good help, cooks and waiters and counter people doing shoddy work, only interested in collecting their paycheck. Turns out I was not the first to complain, but I was the first to go out of my way to make a point of how dissatisfied I was.

They actually thanked me for the wake-up call.

The two talked about how they spent the time since my 'incident' going over notes and records, and noticed how the service quality takes a nosedive in slow days. So, they were actually scared the bad service was alienating customers and preventing the business from growing. Wondering how many people order or sit down at the place to eat for the first time, get bad service, and never return.

So, long story short: I accepted my money back, accepted their apology, and also apologized for my piss and vinegar stunt, even while they kept reassuring me I was right in being pissed off and how my reaction snapped them into action.

I might be ordering from them again in the future.

Who knows, right?

Their pizzas are really awesome.
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It's a dark stormy night might be a cliché in story-telling, but it's also stark reality now: the patter of heavy rain and the crack of thunder rousing you to conscience.

You are inside your sedan, face-first into the deployed airbag. Your chest hurts a little from the yanking of the seatbelt, but besides that minimal discomfort you seem uninjured.

The car is halfway into a ditch beside the road, the left-side light still on. The engine is stopped, and the whole of the car is askew, stuck in an odd angle. There's a crack on the windshield, passenger side, and the rain is washing off what seems to be blood.

You remember... a person, running into the road right in front of you. No time to stop, and you only had a glimpse before hitting the person, losing control of the car and crashing.

Probably you should do something about your current situation.

Who are you?

Why were you going to Union City?
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This might not have been the smartest move in my life.

So, I hurt my foot yesterday. Jumped from some height, landed bad on heel and ankle. Nothing broke, but it hurts, a low level of constant pain that gets worse when I walk. Pain makes me cranky. And I can not go to see a doctor, because my health insurance plan's docs are on strike, claiming to be grossly underpaid. Oh joy.

So, deciding I should avoid walking much, I realized I could not really go grocery shopping for the week. I decided to order two pizzas and complement my diet for the next few days with fruit salad and juices I can buy at the cafeteria at work.

Sounds like a plan, right?

I called my favorite pizza place, and ordered the pizzas; deciding to spoil myself, I go for a tuna and cream cheese, and a bacon, chicken and cream cheese. Splurging with myself, I also ordered a two-liter container of ice cream, planning to relax and have some therapeutic junk food. Pizzas and ice cream arrive, I stash the ice cream in the freezer for later and grab two slices of pizza, tuna and creamy cheese. I start eating pizza always from the outer edge in, saving the central, thin end, with the most topping, for last. So, I had gone over about half of the two slices when I discovered onion bits mixed with the creamy cheese.

I have an irrational dislike of onions. Or rather, of pieces of onions, I hate the texture of onions being chewed and the sound they make. I can only use onions in seasoning if I blend them to puree.

And I have my aching foot making me cranky.

I call the pizza place and complain, even more flabbergasted since onion is not one of the listed ingredients of the tuna pizza. The person who takes the call asks me to wait, and lays down the receiver.

I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

After ten minutes (I was staring at the clock all the time, I hate to be on hold on the phone) the call drops.

Now I'm pissed, and take a few deep breathes before calling again. Mind you, nobody apologizes for the abandoned call, but, fuck it, I just want a solution to the onion thing, because I'm not paying for something I'm not eating. The pizza place person offers to send me a new, onion-less pizza.

Fifteen minutes or so later, the replacement pizza arrives, I hand over the onion-tainted one and check my new pizza.

It's burnt. All around the edges, and burnt on the underside, and it smells of burned. I knew I should have checked before the delivery guy left, but, silly me, I was thinking they would not mess up twice. I call again, and now I am agitated and unleashing the pissed-off sarcasm, because I'm hungry, disappointed, aching. Then, comes the cherry on top of the shit-sundae, apparently the delivery guy arrived back with the pizza and the person I was talking to checked it.

The following jewel was tossed at me: "Well, you did eat half the first pizza..."

I saw red for a moment.

First, I ate half of two slices. Last time I checked, half of a quarter was 1/8th, not half of the whole. Second... well, no second, it was bullshit, the person I was talking to was accusing me of trying to get free food. I told her so, and we argued a bit, pizza-employee denying saying anything even remotely related or similar to me consuming half the pizza before complaining, then saying the manager was not in and nobody could be held responsible....

I hung up.

Took the burnt tuna pizza, the untouched bacon pizza, the ice cream, loaded it in my car and drove over. When I got there, the manager/owner had arrived, and I simply handed him the whole thing, told him what had happened, and wished him a good night. He offered to return my money, and I told him I did not want it.

"But sir, I can not possibly keep your money if you are returning the food..."

I cut him. "No, you can and you will. You, this restaurant called me a scammer, so I'm buying a bit of payback for $$$ and calling you thieves. And of course, I will be taking my business elsewhere, which is a pity because I really liked your pizzas. Until tonight."

He still opened the till and tried to count out and give me back my money, but I just went back to the car and returned home. Sincerely, I hope it sticks with him, how he has money he did not earn, because someone who works for him decided to lie and call me a scammer. I really hope it sticks for a while.
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Our tale begins on the 23rd of December, when the manager of a big shoe store over here received a doctor's note saying [Dumbass] was suffering from Pinkeye and to not infect coworkers by accident should be excused for 3 days. All seemed fine at first glance, but a detail caught the manager's attention, the form was stamped with the name of... a dentist. ("Doctor Jane Doe, #### CRO" - Odontology instead of "### CRM" - Medicine)

Suspicious, the manager looked up phone numbers and contacted "Doctor Jane Doe", who denied ever having written the note for [Dumbass], and more, after some looking around, she discovered a rubber stamp with her name and such details was missing.

From her workplace.

The Federal Justice Branch I work at. (We have a doctor and a dentist onsite)

A very quick check revealed that [Dumbass] was at the time (december last year) one of our rent-a-cops. One of our security guards, specifically, the guy who stayed overnight. He worked two jobs, at Federal Court and at FancyShoeStore.

I will spare the details of digging around, checking, talking to people and so on that filled most of my day, but what seems to have happened is: on the night of the 21st to the 22nd, or the 22nd to the 23rd, he used his access to the key locker in a most despicable way, stealing a stack of [Medical Insurance Company] forms that can be used for prescriptions, lab test request and notes for employers, but could not find the doctor's rubber stamp (it's park of a keychain and the good doc carries it around, instead of leaving it on his desk). Not to be deterred, he stole the dentist's stamp and tried to use it to get himself a paid Xmas holiday.

And... busted.

Why 'epic proportions', you say?


First, [Security Company] fired him, and since he was fired for abusing employer trust and committing a crime, he has no rights to unemployment benefits. More, his Security Guard certification is being revoked, and he will never again be able to work as such.

[FancyShoeStore] fired him for the fake note. Same lack of benefits as above applies.

[Justice Court] will be sending federal police after him. He will be -arrested- (unless he is smart enough to start running now) and trialled by a federal-circuit judge, and those guys are notoriously hard on 'betrayal of trust' crimes. Heck, he might end being trialled by the president of the Court where he committed the crime, because our Prez is also a Federal Judge.

He will never be able to have a public service job, city, state or federal, because he will have a criminal file.

When any possible employer runs a background check, 'stealing from the job' and 'falsifying documents' will be on his records.

Our dentist can personally sue him, for the use of her name in the fake note.

The Medical Insurance Company can sue him, for the use of the stolen form.

The Security Company he worked for can and likely will seek criminal charges, breach of contract, losses due to the blow to its public image and such.

So, [Dumbass] very completely and throughly ruined his own life, because he wanted to be paid and not have to work around Xmas.

I wish I could ask him, 'was it worth it'?
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Friday I set [ profile] ceitfianna's puppy on fire (-66 points). In March I helped [ profile] viralmemory see the light (8 points). Last Monday I donated bone marrow to [ profile] kitttieluv in a life-saving procedure (300 points). In June I committed genocide... Sorry about that, [ profile] ravenlord_ak (-5000 points). In July I helped [ profile] yakalskovich hide a body (-173 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-4931 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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Introduce yourself (in great detail).

I am the Talon of Swift Death. I serve She Who Must Be Obeyed, and through her, Those Who Slumber.


You need more?

Well, let me tell you this: life is about choices and its consequences. The weak blame others for bad choices, the strong learn and move on without worrying about blame.

When you find your calling, you follow it. You face the consequences, you are wronged, and you seek vengeance. But after vengeance, what is left but the ashes?

My Liege showed me the answer, and now I have a purpose that will not fade, no matter what.

You look distressed. I can help...

...and show you why I am named thus. Scream if you wish, fight if you want, but it will just make the passage harder for you.

His essence was vaguely dissatisfying, and his soul was not strong enough to linger in the underworld, but perhaps his next incarnation would be wiser.

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Hey everybody. So, I adopted these kitties, and have not yet named them.

So, ideas? Anyone? They are both female, btw.
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So, there is his tv ad, about the new "Ztronik"* automatic transmission for a "Leftra"* car.

The guy delivers his speech stuttering, to reinforce the point that before the "Ztronik Leftra"*, it was impossible to shift gears without the car jumping, jolting and jerking. Even with other automatic transmissions.

As the driver of a stick shift, I am always faintly insulted by the ad and the implications that I need a machine to do what I have been doing for over 15 years: smooth gear shifts.

* - look how clever I am, changing a few letters to not seem like I am mocking the Xtronic Nissan Centra...
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It is all good and true that you can not have an omelet without breaking some eggs. The trouble starts when the person insisting that we must have omelets for breakfast is doing so because she enjoys the sound of cracking eggshell.

- Paraphrasing Luis Fernando Veríssimo.


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