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It does not work anymore! And the Dalaran portals are gone too!

You just need to be able to read a map. The ingame one.

1 - Make your way to the closest transport to Northrend (Menethil Harbor, Stormwind Harbor, Zeppelin Tower outside the Undercity or Orgrimmar).

2 - Take said transport to Northrend.

3 - No matter where you arrive, tag the flight point.

4 - Die. No, not joking, die. Find the closest hostile creature, the nearest high ledge, the most handy deep water to drown, and die.

5 - As a ghost, you have a few options:

- From the Borean Tundra you can run north to Sholazar or east to the Dragonblight. If you pick Sholazar, head to the north-east side until you reach the area known as The Avalanche and climb it towards Icecrown. If you pick Dragonblight, run north to the Crystal Vice and Crystalsong Forest.

- From the Howling Fjord, you can run north-west to Grizzly Hills and into Dragonblight. From there, continue north all the way to Crystalsong..

6 - Remember you have to be a ghost. If the next part does not work because you dumbly resurrected and is corpse-trekking, don't blame me. As a ghost, when you enter Icecrown (by the heights of the Avalanche) or Crystalsong, you should be automatically placed upon a Spectral Gryphon.

7 - Fly to Dalaran! It is floating high above the Forlorn Woods in Crystalsong.

8 - Fly high into the city to not be dismounted early, or take the Underbelly Sewers entrance on the south side. Make your way to the street level.

9 - You should see a map arrow indicating the Spirit Guide position in the tiny Dalaran cemetery. Go there.

10 - Standing in front of the Spirit Guide, you will NOT be able to resurrect (yet). LOG OFF the game. LOG ON afterwards. Then you can be revived in Dalaran.

11 - Head to the nearest friendly Inn (there are three, one in your faction area, one in the street level and one in the sewers) and set your hearthstone to Dalaran.

12 - Make use of the portals in your faction's area to travel the world.


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